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I know I’m a tad behind but damn this week’s Teen Wolf was kind of beautiful.

Seriously how many abandoned buildings are there in Beacon Hills?

Am I the only one kind of dreading Danny and the one twin(forgot his name) hooking up?

My fear is that this will make Danny too important to the story thus making his death very likely. I love Danny and I don’t want anything to happen to him :(

Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD Set: Shirtless Montage

Oh nevermind it’s a four girl season of The Real world. We skip those, to much fighting. Plus no Gay? What’s the point?

A new season of The Real World started? oops.

Derek Hale’s body appreciation post.

So rumor has it Colton Haynes will not be back on Teen Wolf

How many people on Tumblr just killed themselves?

Holy mother of god


i love the teen wolf twitter


i love the teen wolf twitter